Self Care September: 5 Ways to Help Your Employees Destress at Work

Self Care September

Recognize Self Care September in your office and help your employees destress. Review these five ideas that can increase your team’s happiness.

If you’re reading this, we invite you to unclench your jaw, drop your shoulders, and take a deep breath. How long have you been sitting in front of a screen, and when was the last time you thought about something other than work? Striking a work-life balance can improve physical and emotional health, leading to higher productivity and improved quality of life. 

If you’re experiencing work stress, your employees are likely feeling the same way. You can bring joy to your business by celebrating Self Care September in your office or workplace. It’s a month-long holiday all about prioritizing employee well-being and embracing calm. 

We know it can be challenging to plan a month of programming when you’re already feeling overwhelmed! We’ve created this list of five simple ways to highlight self-care in the workplace this September. We’ll discuss options ranging from massage to meditation to help your staff feel their best and return to work with renewed enthusiasm. 

Continue reading to give yourself and your staff a much-needed refresh in time for Autumn! 

1. Schedule a Mobile Massage Monday

Are you familiar with the “Sunday Scaries?” The term describes a feeling of dread or anxiety that employees experience on Sundays because they’re anticipating a return to the office. What if, instead of dreading Monday Morning, your employees arrived early, eager to sign up for a massage?

Atlanta Mobile Massage & Wellness will bring the professionals and equipment to your office. We can work in a space as small as 5’x6′. Choices include chair massage (as brief as ten minutes) or table massage (which can last up to two hours). 

Some employers have concerns about whether too much relaxation on a Monday negatively impacts productivity. Researchers have debunked that concern. After a massage, employees will return to work more alert and focused. 

Be aware that after your first “Mobile Massage Monday,” employees will be begging for an encore!

2. Learn About Stress on Teaching Tuesday

According to the American Psychological Association, 79% of employees reported work-related stress in 2021. We believe that one key to defeating burnout is understanding it. That’s why we offer corporate wellness education seminars, which make a great addition to your Self Care September schedule. 

Our seminars are informative and interactive and can spark immediate change in practices and attitudes in the office. We’ll provide your staff with actionable tools to help combat stress in and out of the workplace. All employees will leave with a practical toolbox of skills and techniques to help put them on the track toward wellness. 

3. Enjoy Yoga on Wellness Wednesday

Yoga has a sterling reputation in the wellness world. Practitioners report that it reduces stress, aids quality sleep, and improves their quality of life. There is a reason why humans have been participating in this practice since 2,700 BC! 

Yoga is helpful for workers who sit at desks for most of the workday. We’ve created a no-sweat yoga class to help with pain related to extended sitting. We even offer a “seated” yoga class, which allows us to include participants of all ability levels. 

Our classes accommodate up to 25 employees at a time, making them an economical addition to your Self Care September offerings. It’s ideal for first-time yogis and requires very little physical space. If you invite us, we’ll make it work! 

4. Perfect Your Posture on Thriving Thursday

How much time do your employees spend sitting in a chair each day? Do the chairs in your office offer support for extended sitting? Do you know what stretches will help with pain and tension related to working in front of a computer?

We’ll answer these questions when you invite us to speak on pain and posture during your Self Care September event. We’ll explain the health consequences of extended sitting, plus how to avoid and combat them. We’ll guide your staff through gentle stretches and help everyone return to work feeling their best. 

Improving posture can help with focus, allowing employees to sit for extended periods without pain. After this session, you’ll find your staff has become happier and more productive. 

5. Plan a Health Fair on Fantastic Friday

If you’re ready to celebrate self-care, why not kick off your September with a full-day health fair? Plan a Friday full of wellness seminars, massages, yoga classes, and opportunities to relax and learn. Atlanta Mobile Massage & Wellness will provide the foundation for your event—all you’ll have to do is show up and thrive. 

You can improve any event by inviting other local Atlanta-based organizations to set up booths or offer demonstrations. You might consider bringing in mental health professionals, reiki practitioners, therapy animals, or craft instructors. 

Many offices include quiet spaces for employees to practice mindfulness during the day. A small area full of calming music and coloring books can give stressed-out staff members a much-needed break from the daily grind. 

Order catering and offer your employees a healthy lunch to improve health, wellness, and focus. By the end of the business day, everyone on your staff will feel their best and be ready to tackle October! 

Celebrate Self Care September With Atlanta Mobile Massage and Wellness

At Atlanta Mobile Massage & Wellness, we make self-care our business. That’s why we’re uniquely qualified to bring self-care to your business. This self care September is the perfect time to collaborate and create a month of relaxing events your employees will never forget. 

We’ll even come to you! Whether you’re looking for a mobile massage or a company-wide wellness seminar, we’re ready to help. Reach out and request a quote, then get ready to relax. 

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