Strength and relaxation training at the office.

Corporate Yoga

Our corporate yoga is especially designed to relieve pain and soreness associated with extended sitting. Our professionally certified yoga teachers are trained specifically on how to improve the body after long hours of sitting and pain and weaknesses that come from it. It is a no sweat yoga class and is modified to be done while seated in a chair. No mats, no changing, it fits easily into any corporate setting. Not only is it great for all levels, but it can be done as a regular practice throughout the day to relieve stress and pain. Corporate yoga will not only teach your employees self care, but also create a great team atmosphere. Economic, one class can host up to 25 employees at a time. A big success with any group, make corporate yoga part of any Wellness Program.

Private Yoga

Any home can become a yoga studio. Begin your regular practice with our trained professionals. Our certified professionals will come to your home to focus specifically on your needs. Whether it is to reduce stress, correct misalignment, reduce pain, or improve strength and balance, our practitioners will create a yoga program designed for your specific needs. Great for groups of friends, family, or a private class just for you, Atlanta Mobile Massage and Wellness private yoga programs will leave you feeling great.