Increasing team motivation and attitudes.

What better way to treat your employees than through our Corporate Wellness Programs? Wellness in an office environment not only promotes well-being and drastically reduces health care costs but also increases productivity and boosts the bottom line. It also promotes employee retention and helps to attract top talent to the workplace.

Wellness lowers health care costs through preventative measures diminishing high and low blood pressure, reducing the risk of cancers, blood clots, and sicknesses while improving overall employee well-being and satisfaction. It also lowers worker’s compensation costs.

Our wellness modalities will help keep your team healthy and happy and we all know a healthy employee is a happy employee. Everyone knows the negative effects of pain and sickness. It causes irritability and shortness with others. Pain and stress clouds the brain and interferes with good decision making processes and interpersonal relationships.

Would you rather your client talk to a calm pain free employee or an employee that is stressed out and in pain? Through our Wellness Programs your team’s morale will be boosted and they will feel appreciated, contributing to better work ethic and productivity.

Decreases Pain
Increases Awareness
Raises Metabolism
Lowers Health Risks
Lowers Health Care Costs
Preventative Care
Increases Quality of Sleep
Increase Employee Retention

Increases Quality of Interpersonal Relationships
Boosts Team Building
Reduces Stress
Increases Energy Levels
Strengthens Immune System
Reduces Risk for Kyphosis (hunchback)
Boosts Employee Morale

Reduces Risk of Text Neck (Forward Neck Protrusion)
Reduces Risk of Herniated Disks
Reduces Risk of Frozen Shoulder
Reduces Risk of Plantar Fasciitis
Reduces Risk of Frozen Back
Improves Posture
Increases Mental Clarity

Lowers Blood Pressure
Reduces Risk for Blood Clots
Reduces Risk for Cancer
Reduces Risk for Diabetes
Relieve Arthritis
Relieve Repetitive Stress Syndrome
Decreases Anxiety and Depression
Relieves and Prevents Headaches

Team relationships are also benefited through our wellness culture creating team building and fun competition which drives the wellness culture. Health care costs have skyrocketed in the past years from sitting disease which is our goal to eradicate. More people die every year from sitting disease than all cancers combined due to the symptoms of over sitting. Not only are all our wellness offerings positively received, but they are tax write offs as they are employee benefits. Many insurance companies also give benefit programs to companies that use Atlanta Mobile Massage and Wellness.

Instead of using your next Employee Appreciation Day to buy sugary treats and unhealthy foods, why not use that money for something that will truly benefit your team, their health, and the bottom line? We have many options from a day of massage, a yoga class, or long term options to change the lethargic corporate culture to a culture of wellness, health, and long term benefits. We look forward to working with your team to create health, lowered pain and health risks, and a team that works together to lower stress and increase well-being.