A healthy employee is a happy employee.

Chair Massage

Corporate wellness is an ongoing strategy to build a better business.

Did you know that over half of all absences are due to chronic pain, hypertension, and headaches? You have the power to change absenteeism to hard work with corporate massage in just a few minutes.

Our on-site corporate massage will focus on alleviating symptoms that hold you or your employee from productive work. Office massage given by our trained professionals is guaranteed to make your employees feel great and feel appreciated. Better than sugary treats that make employees crash, massage will invigorate your team, lower their stress levels, and alleviate pain. Massage is not only a wonderful employee benefit proven to extend longevity, employee happiness, and health, but it is an ongoing strategy to build better business and boost the bottom line. We all know that when we are in pain and highly stressed, we are grumpier and faster to snap. Massage alleviates symptoms of pain associated with long hours sitting at a computer and lower stress levels. This leads to better team and client relationships.

Health Fairs

Keep employees engaged, healthy and happy.

Health fairs are an important way to share employee benefits and programs. However, sometimes employees say they can be a bit boring. So how can you invigorate the fair and encourage employess to attend?  Make them fun!  Chair massage is a terrific way to promote stress management and a way to keep employees happy, healthy and productive. Optimally positioned, chair massage is an excellent way to encourage employees to attend Health Fairs.  It also keeps them interested.  Plus with our menu of choices from No-Sweat Corporate Yoga, Movement Education, to our fun and interactive Wellness Seminars we have lots of options to make your health fair a resounding success!

And if Chair Massage, Yoga, and our Movement Education is a big hit at your health fair - and we're certain it will be – Atlanta Mobile Massage can help you make regular massage, yoga, and wellness a part of an ongoing employee wellness program by visiting you weekly, monthly or however often you deem appropriate.

Conferences / Trade Shows

Attract people to your booth or turn heads at a convention.

The perfect place to do something above and beyond and get noticed in the process and make a lasting impression and there’s no better way than with chair massage. Conventions and trade shows are taxing on the mind and body as hours are spent standing and networking. What better way to attract people to your booth than with something that will make them feel great- massage! More than just a pen or a bag, massage engages people on a different level. They will have a memorable experience that leaves them feeling good and more relaxed. And it’s a great opportunity to present your company to the crowd that gathers at the booth waiting for their turn for massage. Whether you’re a convention center getting ready to host your next big event or a business looking for a new way to reach potential customers at your booth, Atlanta Mobile Massage can help.

Offering chair massage at your next convention is simpler, and more affordable than you might think.  Just tell us when and where to show up, how many people to expect, and voila, you will create a unique experience to impress your guests and clients, reach out to more customers, and make a long lasting impression.

Private Events

Keep employees engaged, healthy and happy.

Anyone can throw a party, but how can you make it memorable?  Massage is a great way to change the party from just another get together to a unique event. Chair massage is a fully clothed experience that can be done almost anywhere leaving your guests feeling relaxed and ready to mingle and enjoy. Atlanta Mobile Massage can help make your get together something your guests will remember.  Chair massage is the perfect complement to:

  • Spa Days
  • Private Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Baby/Bridal Showers
  • Bachelorette Parties

On-Set Massage

Treat your cast and crew to something that will make them feel great.

Working in TV, Film, or the Music and Theatre industry is seen as a glamorous job. But at Atlanta Mobile Massage and Wellness we know how hard the long hours and work conditions can be. Having worked on sets such as Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, and Vampire Diaries to name a few, we know that working in the industry can create physical problems too.

From grips, to stars, to producers and directors, the endless hours can be draining and physically taxing. Our professional group of massage therapists will keep the privacy of your location, actors, and scenes while implementing stress and pain reducing massage. Our hours are flexible as set time can be any time of the day or night. Let our professional group of licensed therapists treat your cast and crew to something that will not only make them feel appreciated, but make them feel great.