Therapists, teachers, educators, motivators.

The Team

Not every therapist is chosen for the Atlanta Mobile Massage and Wellness team. Each therapist is interviewed practically by one of board certified massage therapists to make sure you are getting the highest quality and most skilled individuals. Same with our yoga teachers and movement educators. We only hire the best! We also hired based on personality. So not only will you get a therapist, yoga teacher, or educator who is great at what they do, but you will get someone with great energy and a smile. All team members are licensed and certified and all yoga teachers and movement educators are trained in their field.

Furthermore, each team member has their own liability insurance. We are a team who loves what they do. We come in happy and ready to share our knowledge and skill. A real Team, we enjoy one another and love sharing what we do. Atlanta Mobile Massage and Wellness will differentiate themselves by who they are and their skill level. You will know the difference. Punctual, smiling, and skilled, you will love any of our team members.

Why Choose AMM

Atlanta Mobile Massage and Wellness was launched in 2008 by licensed massage therapist, certified yoga teacher, and movement educator Tovah Jacobson. She knew how important it was to get the best people on her team, and has spent every year since the inaugural year building a great team who will best represent their skills. Since the company’s launch, the team has had the privilege of massage thousands of people, changing hundreds of company cultures, and bringing pain and relief to individuals of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds.

Atlanta Mobile Massage and Wellness prides itself in hiring the most skilled therapists, yoga teachers, and movement educators who not only bring their vast knowledge to you, but a positive attitude and a smile coupled with punctuality. All our therapists are nationally certified and state licensed, all yoga teachers are trained, and all movement educators have years of experience. Let us show you the difference- You will know.