How to Setup a Corporate Massage Event

Woman in massage chair

Studies show that 65% of millennials in the United States are more likely to care about workplace culture over salary. Having a great culture in the workplace is an easy way to boost employee morale, increase employee productivity, and more. 

One of the easiest ways you can improve your company culture is by planning a corporate massage event for your employees. 

Do you want to learn more about hiring a mobile massage therapist for your employee benefits? Keep reading this guide for the top steps to follow when you are planning a mobile massage therapy event. 

Understand Logistics

Before you can start planning your corporate chair massage event, you first need to understand the logistics of your event. This way, you can have an accurate idea of how long the event will take, how much it will cost, and more. 

First, you need to determine how many people will be receiving a massage. How many employees do you have? Will all of them want to participate in this event? 

You also need to determine how long you want each massage session to be. These types of massages typically have 5-minute increments, so you can choose anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes for each massage. 

Lastly, you need to schedule breaks for your massage therapist. This includes breaks to go to the bathroom and eat lunch.

Set a Budget

Next, you need to set a budget for your corporate massage event. Different massage therapists will charge different amounts for their services. Typically, longer massages will cost more than shorter massages, so you may want to offer shorter massages for each of your employees. 

When choosing between several different massage therapists, you can typically ask for a quote for their services. This way, you can have an accurate estimate of how much these massage services will cost. 

Find a Mobile Massage Therapist

Once you have set your budget, you can begin looking for a mobile massage therapist for your event. You need to make sure you work with a reputable and knowledgeable massage therapist. 

This includes finding a massage therapist that was professionally trained and licensed. This way, they will provide you and your employees with the highest-quality services possible.

You should also find a massage therapist with great reviews from past clients!

Determine the Time and Location

Next, you need to determine when and where you want your event to take place. Most often, you can find a mobile massage therapist that will bring a chair or table into your office. 

This way, you can simply find an empty office or a conference room for the massage therapist to set up shop. 

It is also important that you select a date and time that works best for your employees. Make sure you schedule your event on a day that is not too busy or already has several meetings scheduled. 

Decide What Types of Massages to Use

Before your event, you need to decide what types of massage services you want for your event. The most common corporate massage service is a chair massage. This is because they are easy to set up and easy to use. 

Rather than having your employees lie down on a massage table, they can sit in a chair and complete their massages much more comfortably. 

The type of massage you choose will also depend on your company. For example, if you work with athletes, you may want to find corporate massage services that offer sports massage to help the athletes warm up before an event. 

You may also want to consider other types of wellness services that you can include with your massages. 

Organize Sign-Ups

A week or two before your event, you should organize sign-ups for massages in the office. This will make it easy to coordinate massages for each of your employees and will ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate in the event. 

One way you can do sign-ups is with a sign-up sheet. This works well for larger events, as it will be easier for each employee to select a time slot. This will also ensure that there are never any time slots that are left empty. 

You can also do a first come first serve sign-up for your massage event at work. While there are no appointment times, you may find that your employees need to wait in long lines for their massage. 

Set Up for the Event and Enjoy

Finally, you can set up for the event and enjoy your corporate massage!

On the day of the event, you should ensure that your mobile massage therapist arrives early to set up their space. This includes setting up their massage chair or table, as well as anything else that will affect the ambiance of the space. 

You may also want to print up a door sign or sign-up sheet to keep outside the massage room so that your employees know how the event will operate. 

Then, each of your employees can relax and enjoy their corporate massage service!

Need Help Planning a Corporate Massage Event? 

Planning a corporate massage event for your employees is an easy way to boost employee morale and improve your workplace culture. Following each of these steps will make planning for your mobile massage event simple and effective. 

If you are planning an office massage event in Atlanta and are looking for a mobile massage therapist, Atlanta Mobile Massage & Wellness can help! We provide massage, yoga, and other wellness services. 

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