7 Ways to Support Your Employees’ Mental Health


Employee mental health is not something that should be ignored. Make sure you check out these 7 ways to support your employees mental wellbeing.

Did you know that approximately 20% of Americans experience mental illness? Given its prevalence, it is likely that some of your employees will experience mental health issues. This is why employee mental health support should be your priority.

You may be hurting your employees’ mental health unknowingly. Your employees may not open up about their issues due to the stigma attached to mental illness.

The good news is that there are simple ways you can leverage to support your employee mental health. Read on to learn about seven initiatives you can take to help your employees attain optimal mental wellness.

1. Have a Check-in System in Place

Make it a habit to ask your employees how they’re doing. While they may not tell you, your employees will be happier if you proactively ask them about their well-being.

One effective way of checking in on your staff is a direct phone call. You can also use video chat during the check-ins. The video option will give you a better chance of detecting any signs of distress in your employees.

Whichever method you choose, make it consistent. While checking on your employees, remember to tell them how you’re feeling. Speaking up will show that you’re vulnerable and foster a compassionate workplace environment.

2. Make Off-Hours and Breaks a Formality

You should create a space for your employees to socialize and engage in personal activities during office hours. These breaks can support mental health by allowing employees to get a quick dose of relaxation.

You can remind your employees to go on frequent breaks and engage in non-office activities. They can stretch, go for a walk, listen to music, get some fresh air, or do whatever pleases them. They’ll break away from staring at their computers and minimize the risk of headaches.

These breaks can be an opportunity to forge and strengthen employee relationships. The feeling of kinship among employees will, in turn, enhance their mental well-being. They will be at ease turning to their colleagues for social support.

3. Model the Desired Healthy Practices

As a manager, you should model the behaviors that improve mental health. Don’t’ just tell your employees to take breaks while you don’t take one. Model the behavior you’re trying to cultivate so your employees feel comfortable doing the same.

If you’re the manager, you may be focused on work and taking care of your employees. You’re likely to forego taking care of yourself. If you’re trying to create a healthy workplace, this shouldn’t be the case.

Tell your employees when you’re taking a walk or when you have an appointment with your therapist. Inform them when you’re on a staycation and turn off your email. This way, you’ll encourage your employees to do the same to avoid burnout.

4. Encourage Open Dialogue

The level of employee satisfaction with your company will increase if you give them a voice. Your employees will feel more appreciated when you involve them in discussions and allow them to participate in crucial workplace decisions.

Make sure that you update your employees about all changes in your organization. For example, inform them when there is a change in any of the norms or work hours. You should minimize the possibility of stress by communicating clearly about workload expectations.

When there’s open dialogue, your organization’s members will have more clarity regarding their roles in your company. As a result, they won’t be stressed about having to do something unexpected.

Always be open about the ideas you want to implement in your firm. Encourage your employees to give feedback on the ideas. More importantly, listen to them and consider their opinions.

You can promote staff engagement using strategies like focus groups and workshops. You can also consider team-building events.

5. Provide Employees With Mental Health Resources

You can improve mental health at work by ensuring that your employees have access to the resources they need to manage stress and improve their mental wellbeing. For example, you can offer your employees subsidized or free mental health screening. 

You can also offer counseling, lifestyle coaching, and self-management programs to help employees manage their mental health. In addition, you can give them educational materials on improving mental health.

Your company can organize and host workshops and seminars about stress management. Here, employees will learn about crucial techniques like meditation and deep breathing to reduce stress and anxiety.

6. Prepare Your Managers 

Your managers should also take part in improving your employees’ health. As such, you should train your junior managers and supervisors to provide a stress-free work environment for your employees.

Also, ensure that the managers know how to identify signs of stress in an employee. The managers should know the best way to encourage the staff to seek help if necessary.

Supporting your managers also means encouraging them to embrace mental health behaviors. For example, ensure they take time off to prevent fatigue. You can also encourage them to open up when the workload stresses them.

7. Promote Flexibility

Providing your employees with more flexibility will ensure they’re always at their best.

Your employees have diverse family demands, preferences, and needs. Some will prefer to work at dawn, while others will be more comfortable working in the evening. Some will work well in a noisy room, while others prefer pin-drop silence.

Since everyone is different, you should find a way to accommodate these differences. You can have flexible work arrangements like telecommuting, compressed workweeks, flextime, and job-sharing.

These arrangements will allow employees to work when they are most comfortable. Working parents will also balance childcare and work. However, make sure employees remain productive and meet the set work goals.

Prioritize Employee Mental Health for a Productive Workforce

Employee mental health has a direct impact on your company’s productivity. As an employer, the best you can do is always find ways to support your employees’ mental health. You can start by considering the seven strategies listed above.  

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