5 Benefits of a Mobile Chair Massage for Your Office

Woman receiving massage in massage chair

If your office is not the most relaxing place to spend each day, you are not alone. People suffer from stress and depression every day at work. Because of this, companies are now implementing relaxation programs like the mobile massage chair.

Even if you don’t realize it, constant physical activities at work like sitting for extended periods and typing can cause muscle tension throughout your body.

The good news is that hiring just one chair for your staff and anyone else who spends most of their day in the office can yield numerous health benefits for everyone involved. Read on to see the five health benefits of having a mobile chair massage for your office.

What Is a Chair Massage?

You sit ergonomically in a massage chair as you direct your face downwards while your arms are supported by an armrest. Your back, neck, and shoulders are fully relaxed.

Changing clothes or showering after the massage is not necessary. Just continue with your day after 15-20 minutes of a mobile massage.

The chair massage is compact and portable, and the massage professional can perform massage services anywhere on-site. A skilled massage therapist can travel to many different workplaces, golf courses, conferences, tradeshows, and health fairs.

Now, let us dig into the health benefits of the mobile massage chair in your office.

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Research has shown that regular massages can lower stress and anxiety levels. One session can lower high levels of hormones and release the natural endorphins that improve mood and reduce anxiety feelings while promoting feelings of calmness.

In a constantly-changing world, it is no surprise that people are dealing with more stress than ever before. One of the best reasons to hire a chair massage is that it can help reduce the stress in your life.

What causes stress and anxiety? Many things can cause stress and anxiety, including work deadlines, deadlines at home, and other stressors. When you worry constantly, you will become stressed and bothered.

The benefit of getting a chair massage is that you can release stress by taking your mind off work and other stressful thoughts. Enjoying the relaxation and blissful feelings of receiving a chair massage will allow you to literally turn off your stress response and let go of some of that anxiety.

2. Boost Immune System

The immune system fights off infections and boosts immunity. The immune system produces antibodies to help fight off infections every day, but when we are stressed, our immune system might not be as strong as it could be.

That means we are more likely to get sick and have a higher risk of developing more serious illnesses and diseases. It is imperative to be your healthiest to reduce the number of call-outs at work. A chair massage in your office can help boost immunity levels, especially if you or your employees are prone to getting sick.

3. Increase Blood Circulation

The flow of both blood and lymphatic fluid is stimulated by massage. In addition to enhancing vascular function, massage also improves circulation.

Since blood transports oxygen and vital nutrients throughout the body, circulation nourishes the brain. As a result, scientists have found a correlation between circulation and cognition. Chair massages are used to assist with circulation enhancement.

Sitting down for long periods can cause blood flow to become constricted, which results in pain and inflammation in the legs, hips, and bottom. This is especially common among those who spend a significant amount of time sitting at a desk. A chair massage once a week in your office can significantly help increase blood circulation in the legs and reduce the risk of leg pain or cramps.

4. Reduces Body Pain

Another reason you should hire a chair massage for your office is it can help relieve pain. Doctors are encouraging patients to use massage to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other conditions.  If you constantly feel pain, then a chair massage is great for reducing some of that pain.

Having more blood flow to these areas during a chair massage can help to reduce the risk of pain by increasing your blood flow and reducing pain and inflammation. In turn, this can reduce pain by helping to reduce stiffness and give your muscles the oxygen they need to function better.

5. Improves Mental Sharpness and Focus

After years of practice and thousands of massages, therapists have observed that the human body releases a hormone that makes us feel better and more focused. The hormones, endorphins, are released whenever we receive a chair massage.

Many athletes and performers say that chair massages, along with other types of massages, help them stay focused and relaxed. When you experience muscle tension throughout your body, a chair massage can help relax your muscles, which can help to improve mental sharpness and focus.

Are You Ready to Promote Corporate Wellness With a Mobile Massage?

As you can see, hiring a chair massage in your office can help relieve stress, boost immunity, increase blood circulation, reduce pain, improve mental sharpness and even improve focus and concentration. The only question remaining is why you haven’t considered it sooner. There are plenty of reasons why a chair massage in your office is such a great idea.

Do you or your team need a relaxing massage? Request a quote today with our highly trained licensed massage therapists for your office, health fairs, or trade shows.